Excerpt taken from an article originally written by Daniel Tay, and published by Tech in Asia.

Patrick Grove
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A succinct way to describe Iflix is that it’s Southeast Asia’s answer to Netflix – except that its co-founder, Patrick Grove, doesn’t like to compare his company with the US behemoth.

Grove’s view is not to be dismissed, given his track record of starting Catcha Group, iProperty, Rev Asia, and iCar Asia.

While working to stabilize Catcha in 2006 after the dotcom bubble, he started iProperty Group. Within a year, the real estate portal held an IPO on the Australian stock exchange. He later sold the companyto Rupert Murdoch’s REA Group for US$534 million.

Since then, Grove has been aiming for an even bigger trade debut – a multibillion IPO for Iflix in the US.

Still, the Malaysian company has to contend with Netflix and Hooq, as well as Disney’s upcoming video service. Iflix has made its video-on-demand services available in 25 countries across Asia and Africa, with programming in 14 languages.

Latest funding stage: US$133 million series C led by Hearst Communications